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October 23, 2019

kids skills

Kids Skills is a practical, step-by-step solution focused method to help children to overcome emotional and behaviour problems through learning new skills. It was developed in Finland in the 90s by a team of special education teachers and solution focused therapists led by Dr Ben Furman. It has since become internationally well- known and is being used in numerous countries around the world.

The core principle of Kids Skills is that whatever the problem a child has, there’s always a skill they can learn that will help them to overcome it with the help of their family and friends. Kids Skills geared toward children aged 4-14 years but the basic concepts are also well suited to helping adolescents and even adults to overcome bad habits, fears and other psychological problems.

Meet our Certified Kids Skill Coach:

Dr.Dhanesh Gopalan

Clinical Psychologist
Dr Dhanesh Gopalan, is a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Kids’ Skills Ambassador from Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute with extensive experience in managing emotional and behavioural issues among all walks of life. He can provide either individual or group work inputs to young people, which are guaranteed to responsive to their needs

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