Insurance Affiliations

We offer direct billing services for OMAN INSURANCE COMPANY, NAS, Neuron , SAICOHEALTH DAMANA , Almadallah and IRIS Insurance policy card holders and we offer a pay and claim policy for most of the other medical Insurance companies. Insurance coverage depends on your insurance company and the level of coverage. Some policies may cover psychiatry as any other medical speciality. Sometimes, each insurance company plan is different, so it’s important you check your specific coverage.

Recently, insurance companies have begun expanding coverage for mental health, as employers realise mental health affects the workforce to a greater degree than previously thought. Today, more patients are finding they can get at least a portion of their services reimbursed. We recommend that you call your insurance company prior to booking an appointment to check your mental health cover.

NAS, Neuron and IRIS Insurance policy card holders can cover the cost of medications prescribed by your Psychiatrist. In addition to pay and claim from other insurance company to cover costs of your consultation, some pharmacies may be able to cover costs of the medication s prescribed by your Psychiatrist through direct billing from your insurance. We will be able to refer you to such pharmacies once you have your consultation with your psychiatrist.

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