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Openminds Center, Dubai is a Psychiatry, Counseling and Neuroscience Center focusing on children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens with mental and physical health concerns. Our highly qualified professionals take pride in serving the community with best interest in patient oriented high - quality care assisting and educating the individuals to reach their highest potential and living the life to the fullest.
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Dr. Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla

Medical & Managing Director

Director's Message

The WHO constitution states: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Mental illness has been part of the human condition for as long as our species has existed, affecting countless individuals, families and Communities. For too long, we have detached the mind from the body and regarded mental conditions as something separate from our overall health. The reality, of course, is that mental and physical health are closely connected, with each contributing to overall wellbeing.

Efforts to tackle major global problems such as mental health must be collaborative and sustainable. In this spirit, we take oath in promoting and practicing high quality, evidence-based care to our service users. We will develop and maintain a reputation for providing excellent, recovery focused care across a comprehensive range of mental health services by promoting maximum ways to improve and support a holistic approach for mental health with utmost dignity and respect.

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  • great service, able to deal with my anxiety issues much better, as well as my depressive moods improved a lot.
  • excellent
  • excellent, keep it up
  • the way doctor is counselling is excellent
  • very short waiting time, good interaction with doctor, great facility
  • very professional
  • very practical ways of overcoming anxieties and other mental health issues. Glad to be here & would recommend to others
  • great overall. Great doctor, great staff
  • great service
  • His treatment to my problem was wonderful and determination to profession is remarkable. A world class professional psychiatrist with experience, patience and caring. Treat diverse community from UK, USA, European etc., I followed a CBT with ​Dr. Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla, his approach is very structured and efficient: each session he would give me a new tool to work around my anxiety issues which was really working well. He was excellent at making me realize the wrong thought patterns I used in the past and helping me replacing them with some new positive ones. After 2 months or so, he "released" me from therapy as I had become strong enough thanks to my newly acquired tool box to cope by myself. So it was an intense but quick process which I appreciated. Since then I only see Dr. Shankar on an ad-hoc basis when I need a refresher or to discuss a special topic. Lastly, Dr. Shankar has a dignity sense of humour which makes the sessions pleasurable!
    N S sharma
  • I had the great privilege of having Dr. Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla as my psychiatrist who analyzed my brain imaging and other psychological and neuro-cognitive tests to accurately diagnose my mental health. I had consulted many psychiatrists in my experience but I never feel that much satisfied but you know Dr. Kuchibatla is really conscientious and caring psychiatrist in dubai. He really understands the issue at a deeper level and always gave me high priority and wanted to know my expectations. Though he was a busiest doctor in Dubai, he always allotted time to examine my problem. I was inspired by his humility, respect, professionalism and friendly conversation with patients. He gave me very effective medication and always supported me to stay strong. I am honestly sharing my experience that Dr. Kuchibatla is best psychiatrist in Dubai and would always like to refer to my friends and family also.
    Caroline Marie
  • I visited Dr. Shankar for anxiety related issues, I was reluctant at first but I went ahead and tried, and it was the best decision ever made. Dr. Shankar is a very open minded Dr. who lets you talk for hours without a problem and just vent. Afterwards he discusses the solutions with you instead of laying them on you. I'm extremely satisfied with the Dr.'s speed of response, communication and helpfulness. Highly advise
    Husam Alkailani
  • I am an expat with ADHD. I have been managing my ADHD with medication and personal behavior management strategies for 25 years. Upon moving to the UAE, I was very concerned that I would not be able to find a doctor to assist me in the treatment and management of my ADHD. However, Dr. Kuchibatla has proven to be knowledgeable and supportive in the treatment and management of adult ADHD.
    Amber Fortson
  • Ever since that first call, it has been an eye opening experience in learning about myself, working through my issues through all the exercises that Dr.Shankar has provided.He supported me through the hardest time of my life where I was suffering from severe depression. To begin with, he is very personable, genuinely interested in your situation, takes time to really understand it, gets to the root of it, and try to sort it from there. He is someone you will instantly feel like trusting. The fact that he has so much experience in dealing with personal and professional cases helps in him understanding your case better than you yourself would. Everyone should have a coach like Dr,Shankar regardless of whether one is going through a tough time in life or not. The other great thing about him is that he is not someone who will stop you right at the end of your time limit and say we agreed upon 1 hour and the time is up. He will complete the conversation, ask you if there's anything more you need help with (every single time) and provide that help if necessary even after your session is complete. His sessions are a life saver.The flexibility, the genuineness, the personable experience, the trust factor all make him a wonderful life coach. A genuine life coach/counselor for all personal and professional issues. Thankyou doctor for your great support.
    Manju G
  • I visited the doctor for treatment related to acute onset of anxiety and panic disorder. The doctor follows a holistic approach, a balance between behavioral therapy and medication. This has proved to be most effective and i have made tremendous progress over the past two months. The doctor is understanding I felt comfortable during the counseling sessions. He seems to offer bespoke treatment program contingent on the case rather that just following a set/rigid plan. This is done to ensure long term well-being rather than short term gains. I wholeheartedly recommend this doctor!
    Mohamed Obaid
  • I have known him personally for the past few years and i can say he is a nice and friendly person i have ever met. He understands my issues very easily and always finds good Solutions. More than a doctor i consider Dr. Kuchibatla as my best friend for ever. A true counselor im Dubai I always enjoy his company. It's my pleasure to share my experience with him. I would highly recommend him to you to help you with any issues
    Richard Hill  


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